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SJC 92 KL Birthday Bash

Two years ago on 6 June 2013, 53 top notch boys from the hallowed Jaffna St John's College AL 1992 batch gathered for their "pilgrimage" in Kuala Lumpur. The event was themed "KL Bash" and the participants descended from 7 countries for this once in a life time event.
"சுடு பாடு helicopter confrontation இடப்பெயர்வு கலவரம் isolation
shell அடி bomber அடி toleration - இன்று
cum laude, honors என்று graduation"
St. John's College Jaffna was established in 1823 by Rev Joseph Knight of the Anglican Church Missionary Society.
St. John's is not just a school, it is an institution which transforms boys to become gentleman.
"SJC எங்கள் education
92 batch ஒரு sensation
discipline எங்கள் foundation - இன்று
உலகில் நாம் ஒரு generation"
DJ Swamy's theme song was a major hit before the event and was instrumental in creating the momentum. The lyrics for the song was written by Ramoshan.
சுடச்சுட சுடச்சுட கச்சான் கிழவி
அடி அடி அடி பின்னும் பிரம்படி வாத்தி
உண்டெல்லோ இங்கு உண்டல்லோ
" The education of life that this great institution provides is never evident when you are a student. It becomes evident only when you go out into the real world, where one is challenged. St John’s quietly enables us to face them all, to overcome and go forward" - Bernard Sinniah in his Prize Giving speech.
"பொல்லு ஒன்று குடுத்தா
சிக்ஸர் ரெண்டு அடிப்போம்
SJC என்டால் சும்மாவா
கையில கையில காசு
ஊருக்கே தோசை
SJC என்டால் சும்மாவா"
The KL Bash event kicked off with an emotional prayer by Rev Stephen Arulambalam, welcome speech and a Hakka dance lead by Athavan Natkuna. The boys also remembered their fellow classmates Gajendran, Sivakumaran (Seralathan), Nishanthan, Uthayathas and our Principals and teachers who are no longer with us. The journeys in the coach were filled with drums beats, songs and Nanthis recalling the names of the boys in the order of the Class register.
Nights were alive with music dance and fun and the Boys hardly slept during the 3 days.
"Red wine single malt operation
இதுவும் ஒருவகை meditation - we
Promise to keep it in moderation
எங்கள் நட்பில் குழப்பமே இல்லை
நாங்கள் செய்யாத குழப்படி இல்லை"
Greatness is contagious says as slogan at the Cricket World Cup.
We do not know how far that is true as far as the game of cricket is concerned. But we could confidently say what is truly contagious is the Johnian Spirit. It was the Johnian spirit that transcends years which brought us all together once again from across the globe.
"நக்கலும் நளினமும் இருந்தாலும்
நட்பு என்பது உண்மையல்லோ
Eastலும் westலும் இருந்தாலும்
தோள் கொடுப்பான் இந்த தோழனல்லோ"
Memories.. Memories.. Memories..
Boys relived their lives at St John's by remembering their teachers, jokes, cricket matches, soccer games and of course all the lovely girls who used to chase us during our College days !
"கடக்கு முடக்கு ரோட்டில் சைக்கிள் ஓடி
யார்றேக்கோ பத்தைக்குள் விட்டோம்
நண்பனின் சைக்கிளை இரவல் வாங்கி
சுண்டுக்குளி பக்கம் போனோம்"
The memories of the days spent in KL has been enshrined in our memories for ever. For many of us it was 3 of the best days in our lives.
Can't wait for the next get together... Bring it on Boys !
நினைத்தாலே இனிக்கும் !!!!

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